The Zero Rate Loan (PTZ) 2019 in the former

You buy an old home,

You buy an old home,

The Zero Rate Loan helps you to become owner

The PTZ offers new possibilities to buy in the old:

  • You must be a first-time buyer or have not owned your principal residence for at least 2 years (see Disability or Disaster Exceptions)
  • Your purchase must be your principal residence
  • You must acquire an existing dwelling requiring improvement works representing at least 25% of the total cost of regulatory operation or an old housing from the HLM
  • Respect a ceiling of resources defined according to your family situation, the location of the housing and its cost
  • Your acquisition must be located in a geographical area eligible for PTZ (Zone B2 or C)

Buy, under conditions, an existing housing:

Buy, under conditions, an existing housing:

  • Housing is sold in priority to the tenant
  • On request of the tenant, the housing can be sold to his spouse or to his ascendants and descendants under conditions of resources)
  • In case of vacant housing, housing may be sold to a tenant of the landlord’s park seller who lives in the same department as housing
  • HLMs are entitled to establish “freely” the sale price of goods without the obligation to use the advice of the estates in order to establish the transfer prices

With the exception of the following exemptions for borrowers, housing may also be sold to:

  • Holders of the disability card corresponding to the classification in the second or third of the categories provided for in Article L. 341-4 of the Social Security Code
  • Beneficiaries of a disabled child or adult allowance awarded under the provisions of Articles L. 821-1 to L. 821-8 or L. 541-1 to L. 541-3 of the same Code
  • Victims of a natural or technological disaster that led to the permanent rendering of their principal residence uninhabitable

Partially finance the purchase of old housing with 25% minimum work

Partially finance the purchase of old housing with 25% minimum work

The PTZ finances old housing whose works represent 25% minimum of the total cost of regulatory operation. The completion of the work must allow:

  • The creation of new living spaces or additional surfaces
  • Housing modernization
  • Sanitation or development
  • The realization of energy savings not financed by an Eco Ready Zero Rate

The PTZ 2019 in the old one can be granted for the realization of important works allowing to assimilate fiscally your housing to a new principal residence

  • Provide accommodation for your main home premises not originally intended for housing (office, workshop …)
  • You are eligible for the PTZ and you plan to do some work?

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